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I love taking photos but often end up with lots of snaps of kids and I don't get out and about enough with my camera ... so hopefully this project will get me out and thinking about my pictures a bit more. With a bit of luck I will also pick up some good tips and maybe even improve my shots!

I will be using my Panasonic DMC-FZ38 mainly (hopefully this will give me a chance to learn what all the settings do) as well as my old Olympus MJU 840 and the trusty iPhone.

365 has turned into a bit of a family affair with my 9 year old daughter @hamster, my 6 year old son @kimbobrown and my other half @robewells taking part.

Thank you to everyone that comments on my pictures, it really is appreciated. With working, studying for a degree and being a lone parent time is sometimes tight and I can't always spend the time I would like commenting on your photos and replying to comments, although I will always catch up when I have time :)