Oh dear I'm getting hooked...another entry into ETSOOI-86!
I can see how you would be hooked. love this in black and white
posted August 9th, 2017  
Very creative and lovely!
posted August 9th, 2017  
lovely, it looks like a silk fabric.
posted August 9th, 2017  
@cruiser Thank you - it was great in colour too but better this way I think.
@365karly1 Thanks it was a lot of fun.
@ludwigsdiana Yes quite fabricy
posted August 9th, 2017  
Oh this is lovely!
posted August 14th, 2017  
@overalvandaan Thank you! It's unusually pretty for me :-)
posted August 14th, 2017  
It's something that I don't see often. Beautifully artistic
posted August 20th, 2017  
@callapix Thank you! 'When green is black & white.'
posted August 21st, 2017  
This is intriguing - you certainly have etsooi - what did you start out with?
posted August 27th, 2017  
@fbailey Just some plain ordinary garden leaves that were backlit by the sun! Thank you for your compliments :)
posted August 28th, 2017  
Very creative and interesting abstract. What it done in Photoshop?
posted September 3rd, 2017  
@claudiet Thank you - no just an app!
posted September 3rd, 2017  
fascinating picture, lots of fun.
posted October 14th, 2017  
@pusspup Thank you! I liked it too!
posted October 14th, 2017  
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