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2016 UPDATE. During 2015 I only posted a handful of images and aimed to improve my photography by entering camera club competitions and learning through internet teaching and my own practice. In reality I didn't pick up the camera so much, and am tentatively coming back, I have missed this community and the thirst to try new things and new styles. We'll see what happens.

Hi I'm Jackie! I've been a member of 365 since March 2012 and completed a strict, photo a day' in my first year. Since then I have been more relaxed about it, and even took a 3 month break back last summer to refresh my mojo. I've learnt so much from everyone on here and been inspired daily. My passion is flowers.

This year I want to go back to what the project is really about, 365, a photo a day, taken on the day. They may not all be very good, some will probably involve my lunches and dinners and there will be quite a few of Southend seafront which is my 'go to' when I need inspiration and motivation. I hope to maintain the friendships I have made over the last two years and welcome new followers.