side dishes by jackies365

side dishes

starting to dissect some of the food photography suggestions...layering is huge. this has only two. I struggle a bit with knowing what to put with what. also the lack of props. after I shot this I thought of things I could have used. I am beginning to see how necessary a plan in advance is. so this was it as far as photography today. sauteed radish, cremini mushrooms and bok choy with slivered garlic. it was good with the steaks my husband cooked - a rare meal around here!
I cannot get my head around layers, just don't get it!!!

This is lovely looks delicious
November 9th, 2020  
that bok choy looks delicious in the centre. i think you've composed this very well. i always find food photography pretty tricky as well - and so often like how other people have done it rather than mine!
November 9th, 2020  
Well done.quite difficult to do I would say
November 9th, 2020  
it could be a glossy food magazine photo. nice one jackie
November 9th, 2020  
This looks delicious. I know nothing about food photography but your food looks great.
November 15th, 2020  
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