Homes on the Canyon Floor by janeandcharlie

Homes on the Canyon Floor

“Within an enclosure formed by four sacred mountains, a canyon cradles the history and the culture of Dine’—the Navajo people. To the outside world it is known as Canyon de Chelly. To the people who live here it is Tsegi (SAY-ih), a physical and spiritual home.
The smell of wood smoke and the distant sounds of sheep bells, barking dogs, and children playing tell us that Dine’ still live here. Alfalfa, corn fields, and small orchards surround the traditional log hogans on the canyon floor, weaving a tapestry of everyday life.
To Dine’ the canyon means more than a summer home or a place to raise sheep and corn. The Dine’ culture emerged from this land. Our language refers to the landscape, and the people identify themselves by this.”
~National Park Service brochure~
What a beautiful place. I can only imagine what it looks like after it warms up and the crops are growing.
March 27th, 2019  
1800's on the canyon floor and 2019 on the rim. Two worlds separated by 1,000'.
March 27th, 2019  
Awesome shot
March 27th, 2019  
March 27th, 2019  
The size perspective is amazing :) fav
March 27th, 2019  
Beautiful POV! I love how high up you are!
March 28th, 2019  
A fabulous scene
March 28th, 2019  
Wonderful capture
March 28th, 2019  
@bigdad @ranger1 @bkbinthecity @joansmor @gilbertwood @harbie @Dawn @777margo
Thanks so much for commenting on my photo of the homes at the floor of Canyon de Chelly. The day after I took this photo, we went on a tour of the canyon floor ourselves in a jeep. You can see what this looked like from Charlie's photo today:
and also my two photos from today.
March 29th, 2019  
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