Scott's Oriole by janeandcharlie

Scott's Oriole

“Unfortunately, nature is very much a now-you-see-it, now-you-don't affair. A fish flashes, then dissolves in the water before my eyes like so much salt. Deer apparently ascend bodily into heaven, the brightest oriole fades into leaves.”
~Annie Dillard, “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek”~
Absolutely beautiful and well said!
August 3rd, 2019  
What a beautiful bird and photograph!
August 3rd, 2019  
Great capture
August 3rd, 2019  
How do you know its Scott's? If could've been Sally's pet first! Just kidding.
August 3rd, 2019  
Wonderful capture
August 3rd, 2019  
Nice shot
August 4th, 2019  
What a beauty. I don't think I've ever seen this lovely bird.
August 4th, 2019  
@fr1da @bigdad @bkbinthecity @ranger1 @joansmor @777margo @lesip
Thanks so much for commenting on my photo of the Scott's oriole. We saw one of these a couple of years ago too. Both were on desert hikes.
August 5th, 2019  
August 6th, 2019  
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