Night Swimming by jasperc

Night Swimming

I'm aiming for an image on the cusp of the abstract with this. And some pleasing colour.
A wonderful color calliope. =) So many interesting things to examine.
August 2nd, 2019  
Very pleasing.. I would be interested to see how you take this over the cusp in to abstract
August 3rd, 2019  
this is interesting
August 5th, 2019  
I hate this... because I haven't a clue how you did it šŸ˜€
August 6th, 2019  
@vignouse haha. I did less that you might think. Telephoto to compress the scene, point and shoot. The orange band is made up of distorting mirror panels that line an elevated walkway, reflecting lighting from a plaza opposite.

@lostphojo Iā€™m not sure! The drift towards the abstract is in the composition not the processing. So possibly by going in closer.

Thanks for looking.
August 7th, 2019  
@jasperc Thanks for this reply, Jasper. I appreciate that you have thought about it carefully You are right I think. Also I probably believe that the abstract should be in the composition .. using software to create it seems to me something of a cop-out! Call me old school if you like!
August 7th, 2019  
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