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Here to learn so your critiques are always welcome! I will do my best to respond to anyone who leaves a comment by commenting back on their photos.

In 2017, I'm posting to a leisurely rhythm: one shot per week. And I plan to explore colour having shot almost exclusively in B&W the year before.

Indeed in 2016 I followed some specific rules.. I tried my luck with an OCOLOY: shooting exclusively with a single prime lens (in my case a Fuji X100S) i.e. One Camera - One Lens - One Year. I didn't crop my images to force myself to become familiar with the focal length and compose carefully in camera. For more on OCOLOY see this blog: http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2014/11/one-camera-one-lens-one-year-the-digital-version.html

Occasionally, I've made the Popular Page. Each time this has filled me with childish delight ! Thanks to @abirkill you can see the images here: