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Here to learn so your critiques are always welcome! I will do my best to respond to anyone who leaves a comment by commenting back on their photos.

I'm based in Southern England but photos from the start of my project (March to mid-July 2014) cover a period when I was living in China.

In 2016, along with a few other 365ers, I'm trying my luck with an OCOLOY: shooting exclusively with a single prime lens (in my case a Fuji X100S) i.e. One Camera - One Lens - One Year.

Why? To concentrate on some fundamentals: light and composition. I have my viewfinder set to monochrome and it's black and white I aim to post unless colour really is the subject. Unlike the true OCOLOGIST purists, I'm not limiting myself to SOOC images. But I am strictly following a no cropping rule in the hope this forces me to compose more carefully and helps me get more familiar with the focal length (35mm full frame equivalent). For more on OCOLOY see this blog: http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2014/11/one-camera-one-lens-one-year-the-digital-version.html

Occasionally, I've made the Popular Page. Each time this has filled me with childish delight ! Thanks to @abirkill you can see the images here: