Well, A trip to the borders isn't complete before a quick elope to the Blacksmiths at Gretna Green. It was only a quick tour as Marie and I had to get n the road ASAP but liked the stately stance of this HUGE beast of a cow. The drive home was not as smooth as the one here, slight traffic on the M6 but Home at 8 and bed by 10.

The country air and travelling really does take it out of you.
What a cutie!!!
posted April 17th, 2010  
what the hell is that thing?
i've never seen a cow that looked like that!
are english cows quite different than american ones?!
posted April 18th, 2010  
Haha! It's a Highland cow usually found up north in Scotland. I like to think they look a bit like neandethal buffalo. :)
posted April 18th, 2010  
Oh my goodness. I love it.
posted April 27th, 2010  
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