Demented flying billiard ball by jesika2

Demented flying billiard ball

Also known as Cockchafer Beetle or May bug. Those little hooks at the end of the legs can really grip onto your skin.
They are very clumsy, have no landing skills and just simply crash...
Most delightful insects, really fun to see. This is one of two in my moth trap last night. If there are 7 "fingers" at the end of the antennae it's male, 6 if it's female. Neither opened up fully.
Nice close-up!
May 20th, 2022  
Funnily enough I took a shot of one of these this afternoon, in the grass verge on Shipton Road, just after I got off the bus home. A lovely detailed close up and interesting information!

May 20th, 2022  
nature is really the best!
May 20th, 2022  
Wow, what a close up :)
May 21st, 2022  
@rhoing @fishers @koalagardens @merrelyn it was actually upside down so I flipped the picture. Looked like a tiny Bat! Super little beetles but those nails do dig in and they can be difficult to dislodge . Thank you all
May 21st, 2022  
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