Star Ship Enterprise by jesika2

Star Ship Enterprise

or more accurately the International Space Station passing over my York house this evening.
This is a 10 second hand held shot with the remarkable Oly EM1iii. Next clear night I'll use the tripod to attempt the capture the whole flight, or at least more of it.
I shall also use a longer lens to hopefully see some of the moons of Jupiter which will be in conjunction with Saturn Dec 21st. Each night they appear closer together.
For a handheld shot, that is amazing!
I shall look forward to seeing your photo of the moons.
November 25th, 2020  
@janturnbull I look forward to seeing them too! Assuming what I think is a moon really is. Time and clear skies will tell. I’m astonished by the clarity of this shot, didn’t think I could hand hold so long. Ok, I was propped up against the door and had the camera jammed at my forehead but I could feel the tension in the place where my biceps used to be. Oly have done wonders with the IS in this camera.
November 25th, 2020  
Amazing shot! And hand-held!
November 26th, 2020  
@rhoing I’m delighted with this, Oly have worked wonders. But I can’t do anything like 2 seconds let alone 10 if I am not able to support myself. Out of curiosity I might try hand held with no support for myself next clear night to find out when the IS and my old arms fail!
November 26th, 2020  
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