2nd attempt by jessiolsenphotography

2nd attempt

Tried this again now that i have a full frame camera - 35mm lens my settings were: f2 1/800 and ISO 1250

my first time i used my 35mm at f2.2, 1/640 and ISO 6400 (March 20th)

my first time, i had to be backed up into the closet, this time I was closer and maybe it was brighter outside too since it's spring? Not sure, but obviously my ISO didn't need to be as high so it wasn't as grainy. both i had to guess were to focus and hold it til I thought he jumped to that point cuz my lens wouldnt focus fast enough...
Very fun shot! Love it!
May 22nd, 2017  
May 22nd, 2017  
nicely done focus on subject is good , maybe try a tighter crop take away some of the door and the blue cushion.
June 5th, 2017  
@killeen good thoughts- I tried a vertical crop but for some reason it didn't look as much maybe cuz it centers it instead of 2/3rds rule? Also, I agree with you about the pillow being distracting but wanted to keep the height of him in the air and was too lazy to remove it with clone stamp haha :s
June 5th, 2017  
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