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The heatwave is back. In usual style, L had her morning nap on me: dozing across me in a content milky coma whilst I drink my coffee and fiddle on the laptop propped up behind her. It was a habit we developed in the midst of winter whilst she was tiny and hasn't transposed that well to the stickiness of this summer – even on cooler days I tend to have to peel her off me when she wakes, so it was particularly bad today. But after we were successfully separated and up, we went over to meet the NCT for brunch in 'Sunday' - nice, if a little bit small and chichi. L and I shared a ham hock, nectarine and goats cheese salad (delicious but not big enough) and then headed over to the One o Clock Club again, catching up with RM and baby M for the first time in what felt like a long time. Afterwards BS & I went to the water playground next door, which has various sprinklers and fountains activated by big red foot switches for the kids to run through and play in. It's not been very well maintained, which is a shame because it's such a lovely facility on days like today. Baby T had a whale of a time, but L was a little less sure of it all, on the whole. Late afternoon we went for a frozen yoghurt at 'Snog', a new place which never having had frozen yoghurt I've been wanting to try for a while, but was rather a disappointment because I'd sort of assumed frozen yoghurt was basically ice cream but with no calories, whilst it was (I do appreciate there's a clue in the name) frozen yogurt, and therefore not that delicious. Home to JB who'd picked up curry for dinner, and then we sat out on the stern as darkness fell, compiling a shared to-do list in google docs because almost as soon as I recall something that I/we need to do it seems to fall permanently out of my head at the moment and its making me feel a bit anxious.

Picture of L, playing in the run off from the water playground, seconds before someone (ok, B) triggered the sprinkler in the background making her cry.
Oh love this, excellent puddle shot. Lists v. good, messed-up headspace saver...
August 8th, 2013  
Fantastic photo - love it. Fav. I'm with you on the memory bit- stress possibly? I know when I have too much my brain simply cannot retain the simplest piece of information and I have lists everywhere- which I promptly lose. Fav
August 8th, 2013  
I love her concentrated face - such a sweet shot! Whenever I have too much on my mind I promptly forget my credit card pincode which is quite embarrassing when you're in the shop and everyone thinks you stole the card...
August 8th, 2013  
Lovely shot and she looks so intent on playing with the water, I feel really sorry that she doesn't know what is about to happen! Bless her.
August 8th, 2013  
Oh my, it's been a bit since I have looked - she's growing!!!!
This is really a beautiful shot. It makes me think of mine when they were smaller; the wonder they had.... Still have it, but not quite so innocent as at this age.
August 9th, 2013  
Brilliant puddle shot. Love your model :o) xx
August 11th, 2013  
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