O is for Orchestral

Not quite an orchestra, but close...opening number from tonight's final senior school music concert for the year with the combination of two separate choirs and the senior stage band...Master 12 is in blue at the front of the choral section 😍

Three good things:

1) Haircut and colour this morning πŸ’‡

2) A delightful vegetarian salad for lunch from a local cafe πŸ˜‹

3) Listening to some beautiful music this evening at school whilst sitting next to and catching up with Miss 14's Year 6 teacher πŸ€—
Wow, your month really has been full of "o" activities!!
posted October 29th, 2017  
@luisejo Just lucky, I guessπŸ˜‰
posted October 29th, 2017  
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