Motion by jnr


For Get Pushed 521 my partner asked me to show motion, either by panning or by using long shutter speed. In this shot I used a long shutter speed to capture the background and to have the vehicle and people show up as blurred.

Not quite the shot I hoped for as I had left my ND filter at home and was somewhat limited by settings. I also found out why I don't like the LCD screens on the DSLR cameras as the bright sun washed everything out. I had trouble adjusting the settings and then seeing what I had done.
Very nice shot
August 1st, 2022  
@tdaug80 Hi Tim. Here is a shot capturing motion using a longer shutter speed.
August 1st, 2022  
@bkbinthecity Thanks Brian. I have been avoiding going out in our heat wave, but after church this morning (the sanctuary is air conditioned) I felt I had the energy to go out for awhile and get a few photos.
August 1st, 2022  
I like your result. You definitely get the sense of motion in the passing car. It almost looks like a boat. I don't think you need the ND filter in this scene. If you go much longer with the shutter speed, all the moving objects will disappear.
August 1st, 2022  
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