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2016 Still here...but only just!

2013 ....I made it, one whole year of taking non-stop photos, and I loved every minute of it, well mostly!
What started off as a vague hobby has become a real passion and one I'm not ready to give up just yet so here's to another year even if I am doing it at a slightly slower pace.

I'm a mum living in South West London, working as a Garden designer and Word Art designer http://www.jowyethgardendesign.com
I also have a photo website

Having started this project using a Canon 550 d and then progressing to the 7D the outcome was a very sore back so I now use a Fuji X-T1 with a 35mm lens, what a weight off my shoulders!!

I have been lucky enough to get on the top twenty with the following shots. Click on the link to view the images collectively.

Links to TT image page
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2016-01-25 No 19
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2016-01-18 No 4
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2015-08-06 No 13
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2015-05-29 No.14
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2015-03-02 No.3
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2015-03-03 No.17
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-11-19 No. 1
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-11-24 No. 20
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-07-15 No. 2
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-09-24 No. 3
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-09-25 No. 6
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-07-14 No. 20
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-02-12 No.20
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-03-07 No 20
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-06-16 No. 1
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-06-14 No. 18
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-06-25 No.7
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-06-30 No. 13
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-01-10 No.13
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-02-13 No.4
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-07-30 No.19
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-09-23 No. 19
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-10-31 No. 7
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2014-10-30 No. 17
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2015-02-02 No.17
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-12-12 No. 1
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-08-10 No. 1
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-07-13 No 1
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-11-16 No 2
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-08-21 No. 5
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-08-08 No. 6
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-10-20 No.4
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-08-22 No. 13
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-09-12 No. 8
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-08-29 No. 20
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-10-21 No.19
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-12-22 no 15
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-12-19 No17
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-06-22 No 4
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-05-01 No 3
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-09-10 No 16 & 14
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-09-29 No 10
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-06-30 No 11
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-04-22 No 10
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-04-12 No 1
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-03-17 No 11
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-07-03 No 18
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-04-07 No 12
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-11-17 No 12
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-08-18. No. 6
http://365project.org/jo13/365/2013-12-28 No.13

Here is a clever little tool that Alexis Birkill designed to see what pics made it to the popular page since April 2013.