Hand in hand....in hand in hand by jo365

Hand in hand....in hand in hand

One for all and all for one!!

My youngest one was playing the game with me yesterday where you keep taking out the bottom hand and putting it onto the top, over and over which inspired this photo of all of my four boys hands.


Also now dedicated to Sarah Jane


I cannot take away your pain
nor ease your troubled mind,
but let me take you by the hand
and help the light to shine.
I’m always here to stand by you
no matter what the time.
I’ll listen when you feel the need
and help you up the hills you climb.
I’ll wipe the moisture from your face
and dry up all your tears.
I’ll share your many worries
and help you face your fears.
When that light comes shining through
and your soul begins to heal,
I’ll be standing next to you
sharing in the happiness you feel.

Copyright Elizabeth Melton Parsons
Fabulous! Fav!
November 9th, 2010  
Love it!
November 9th, 2010  
Nice! Love this shot Jo.
November 9th, 2010  
Lovely shot!!
November 9th, 2010  
Hi Jo. A timeless (and endless!) game. This reminds of the week when the theme was 'hands' back in July.
November 9th, 2010  
@palusami @lintbrush @kirsty - thankyou, I was really pleased with how it came out @lynnmwatson - thankyou for the fav :) @cmt2812 oh that would have been a great theme, I'll have to try to find it. I started mid-Sept
November 9th, 2010  
Cool shot.
November 9th, 2010  
I like this. Great idea, great photo!
November 9th, 2010  
Great inspiration, love this
November 9th, 2010  
Your tribe is PP. Well done.
November 10th, 2010  
@kjarn @judgil @jobesekama @farmboy9155 - thanks for the comments!!! :D
November 10th, 2010  
@farmboy9155 - this one turned out better than the one I did of their feet - they seriously need to get out the nail cutters and clean under those toenails!!!
November 10th, 2010  
@jo365 LOL that may of been just a little too much info!
November 10th, 2010  
A very nice shot! great idea for a variation on a group picture.
November 10th, 2010  
this is a lovely shot, really effective!
November 10th, 2010  
So lovely! This can make a beautiful poster. :-)
November 10th, 2010  
November 11th, 2010  
Your boys are still popular! Well done.
November 11th, 2010  
Actually if one looks properly, the boys hands show their ages and guessing which was which easy-ish!
November 11th, 2010  
cool shot!
November 11th, 2010  
Saw this on the new thread...love it, the composition and colors are awesome, great job!
November 13th, 2010  
Jo this was a gorgeous photo and words to put on my dedication thread, thank you so much I was so blessed... fav..
November 25th, 2010  
this is such a cool idea, wish i'd done it when my kids were smaller ... although now i'm thinking its a cool idea to do like every 5 yrs etc, to see the aging and the new hands ;)) might start this holidays...ty
December 15th, 2010  
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