Nothing quite like family time together

I just typed (then thought better of it) a VERY long moan about the art of conversation being dead .... this lovely family decided to go out for lunch TOGETHER ...
A documentary I recently watched...
highlights the problems that will come with the obsessive and continuous use of devices. Scared me.
Sad, isn't it? Great slice of life shot. Also, your tag for six word story is wrong. We are up to sixws-79 now.
posted March 13th, 2018  
Great story telling image
posted March 13th, 2018  
Yeah but we talk to each other via messenger even when we're in the same room. ;)
posted March 13th, 2018  
A very modern family! Shame! Apart from anything else, I think that when today’s kids grow up they are going to suffer with terrible neck and shoulder problems. We are all guilty to some extent but at least we remember what life was like before mobile devices. Great real life shot.
posted March 13th, 2018  
Technology is progress and here's an example of the result. I guess were all like this to some degree.
posted March 13th, 2018  
Yes a sad sight indeed, you would think they would have lots to talk about but perhaps they're waiting for the food to come then they will talk!
posted March 13th, 2018  
A nice capture of this family.
posted March 14th, 2018  
Oh, so true! We have to try hard to limit our phone usage ... especially at mealtimes. It's such a trap! Lovely capture and caption though.
posted March 14th, 2018  
Painfully illustrated lack of communication...
posted March 19th, 2018  
Very sad view of today's family time together xx
posted April 8th, 2018  
awesome! great catch
posted May 7th, 2018  
Congrats on winning the challenge! Totally in place!
posted May 7th, 2018  
A superb photo! congratulations on the win
posted May 7th, 2018  
Your image speaks volumes about today's culture! 😢
posted May 9th, 2018  
How telling and sad:(.
posted May 10th, 2018  
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