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Update - Aug 2017 -

Update - January 2016 - Year 4. Still enjoying 365 with old friends and new friends and mostly still enjoying and learning from looking at all your wonderful photos. I plan to post most days but it won't always be a photo taken that day. This year I'm hoping to learn more about Photoshop and Lightroom so plan to revisit my old photos sometimes. I love what a tweak here and there can do. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to look at my photos - I appreciate all your time and I love hearing your comments.

Update - January 2015 is the beginning of my third year. Still loving 365 and I hope to join more of the challenges this year. . I wish there was time to thank people individually but there is never enough time in the week to do all the things that need doing. Instead of thanking people I plan to visit their projects and leave comments and FAVs. Shortage of time means I limit the number of people I follow - I would love to follow more. So many brilliant photographers here.

When I started posting on 365 in January 2013 I had no idea what a brilliant project it was going to be. I'm continually inspired by what I see and can't believe how much I've learnt since January.
Thank you to everyone who takes the time to look and comment - I really appreciate it. It feels as though I have made new friends here. I live in the north west of England.

Get-pushed. Any challenge welcome (well, maybe not selfies).
Here's a link to some of my recent challenges

These are a few photos that have made it to the Popular Page - very very exciting to get there.