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Hi Everyone... i used to be a walker/hiker but as time wore on and the body wore out i had to stop pushing/punishing myself so hard. i started dawdling but found no pleasure in it. i decided that photography combined with dawdling might fit the bill and keep me out of the dreaded "rocking chair".
in order to learn and have some feedback i took part in a 365 (some years ago), on Flickr, but had to stop about 9 months in as i finally abandoned the site.
since then i have struggled to get myself motivated. My photography has been mostly miss with an occasional hit.
This year i decided to look for another site for a 365 and fortunately found this one. my intention is to gain more experience and more exploration - i tend to stick with what i know how to do..

To learn and advance is only one aspect. the other is to get to know other photographers and their work - even if only at a distance. i'm also hoping that keeping active in mind (and occasionally body too) will help to stave off the dreaded senility which often accompanies old age. unfortunately i'm beginning to have problems with numbers, dates and times - money too.. my mind becomes fuddled when important dates/appointments loom large.. something inside panics and i generally get things wrong either turning up days too early or days late or completely forgetting it.. fortunately i'm still ok with f stops and shutter speeds - i think :-)