Gentrification by joysabin


Flagstaff is growing and growing fast, too fast. There have been so many families who have been victims of the process. A small trailer park which did have many dilapidated homes has now become a memory. The families who lived there have been forced to move to areas which are unknown to the masses, myself included. This wonderful work of Mr. Chip Thomas ( ) brings the unjust destruction of homes to the visual surface. We as a community need to stop allowing profits to be made by dislocation of our people.
It's nice someone cares. I think the growth is everyehere.
November 16th, 2018  
@henrir We had saved this park once before but it seems like money won in the end.
November 16th, 2018  
November 16th, 2018  
Thank you for the link. I read most of it. I like your picture.
November 16th, 2018  
This shot really tells a story. Great composition.
November 17th, 2018  
What a thoughtful and meaningful composition.
November 17th, 2018  
@joemuli Very grateful for the fav, thank you so kindly.
@octogenarian I know that change and growth are part of everything but the destruction of homes and families lives must stop. Truly appreciate the fav, thank you so much.
@jernst1779 Thank you so much, very appreciative of the fav. The growth in this town is nauseating.
@yaorenliu Thank you so very much.
November 17th, 2018  
a lot of meaning in this shot. very emotive.
November 17th, 2018  
This is so sad - moving
November 17th, 2018  
What a sad story,, don’t know what to say
November 17th, 2018  
@pusspup Perhaps someday we will respect enough to say no to money.
@samae To be aware of the 'price' of growth is important.
@tstb13 Appreciate the fav and I agree.
November 19th, 2018  
Well said!
November 20th, 2018  
Amen. Said so well with words and picture. My compliments to you and Mr. Thomas.
November 22nd, 2018  
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