Flash of Red No 14 by joysabin

Flash of Red No 14

Flash of Red, this week, we were to focus on one object and explore it with different use of negative space, etc. I just needed to take a break from my glass for today. I stayed with the glass theme but splashed a bit of red around.

Happy Valentines Day to All!!!
And very successfully too!
February 14th, 2019  
Great lighting in this splash of red.
February 14th, 2019  
Oh I love the violin bottle...great job on flash -fav
February 14th, 2019  
Perfect combination of Valentine's Day and the flashofred challenges for the week. Fav.
February 14th, 2019  
Well done! Happy Valentine's Day to you too Joy!
February 14th, 2019  
Beautiful still life fv!
February 14th, 2019  
This is such a beautiful set up! I love the violin glass! And u really love the light reflections that it casts. Very nice conversion to B&W!
February 14th, 2019  
February 14th, 2019  
Perfect image for the challenge
February 14th, 2019  
rather elegantly done
February 14th, 2019  
February 14th, 2019  
Very effective red here. Did you tell your glass,” no, no, really it’s not you, it’s me” ?
February 15th, 2019  
This works very well for the FOR Joy.
February 15th, 2019  
@gardencat LOL and a perfect question. I think that it may have been just a touch upset with yesterday's penguin intruder....
February 15th, 2019  
This is beautiful, what a gorgeous composition
February 15th, 2019  
great composition with that light in the background too - love the lash of red here
February 15th, 2019  
Beautiful composition and selective coloring.
February 15th, 2019  
A wonderful shot.
February 16th, 2019  
Good ... as long as no red wine was spilled in getting the shot! Fav
February 17th, 2019  
@fbailey Very appreciative of the fav, thank you so much.
@mandygravil Thank you so much, the glass roses were a gift from my husband a couple of years ago.
@samae Grateful for the fav, thank you kindly.
@eudora Thank you so much, truly thank you for the fav.
@jernst1779 Thank you so much. Hope yours was good too.
@ziggy77 Thank you so kindly for the fav.
@jenp Thank you a great deal for the fav. The bottle was a find, it had pickled peppers in it when I saw it in the store.
@tstb13 Truly grateful for the fav.
@jo38 I have to say thank you to my better half for the roses, they are a treasured gift. Thank you kindly for the fav.
@pistache Thank you so very much.
@365karly1 Thank you so kindly.
@golftragic Thank you so much.
@onewing Grateful, thank you.
@shannejw Thank you a great deal.
@henrir Thank you so very much.
@haskar Very appreciative of the fav.
@yrhenwr No wine, but chocolate on the side for being a good girl-:):)
February 20th, 2019  
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