Are these the ones you wanted.... by joysabin

Are these the ones you wanted....

Not really a shoe gal. I buy many more books that shoes but these blingy pseudo chuck taylors just were so fun and I couldn't pass them up at the thrift store. Silly shoes have their place, don't they?
Absolutely! My mother was a shoe freak...and I follow in her wake. Am not as assiduous as she was...yet l possess more shoes than i wear on a regular basis. Go figure ;-). These shoes aren't 'silly'...they're 100% fun. Life is too short to let joyous moments pass by. Live and love every day it'll be the last one. Tempus fugit.
August 17th, 2019  
@s4sayer Truly appreciate the fav. I agree that they are fun, especially when I see my husband's smirk. Never going to grow up completely, nope not ever
August 18th, 2019  
What fun!
August 18th, 2019  
A girl's entitled to do these things!
August 18th, 2019  
Everybody needs a couple of pairs of fun shoes!!
August 18th, 2019  
Silly shoes are the best ! Fav
August 18th, 2019  
great b/w
August 18th, 2019  
Utterly fabulous shoes. May you enjoy dancing in them. :)
August 18th, 2019  
ha very cool shoes! i have been a shoe gal all along :)
August 18th, 2019  
@eudora Thanks, crazy old lady and her strange shoes- Yup, that's me. :):)

@golftragic Without any hesitation!

@robz Guys just have their own crazy things, we just get to wear some of ours :):)

@samae Thank you so very kindly for the fav. Silly shoes can be subtle and out there, likes these babies.

@ninaganci So truly grateful for the fav.

@rosiekerr You wouldn't want to watch me dance, its not a pretty sight but then who cares what old ladies do...

@pistache Affordable bling is a grand thing.
August 19th, 2019  
@joysabin Old lady? I think not having seen the shot of your oldest son who, you tell us is 26 ! My oldest is 46 .. that makes me old! :-)
August 19th, 2019  
Very cool lighting on this.
August 19th, 2019  
A fun place to put bling! I bought a pair of plaid sneakers once because they reminded me of my mother- that's as crazy as I get with footware! Good shot.
August 20th, 2019  
These are own bendy man is quite enviousl...
August 20th, 2019  
Crazy footwear can be so much fun no matter the age! I love how Bendy Guy is posing, looks like he wants to try them on!
August 20th, 2019  
@lostphojo I started late! Finally gave in to growing up.:):)

@cjphoto Having fun in life is OH so necessary! He did try to sit in one but he said it looked like he was in a bathtub and got back out:):)

@granagringa Thank you, I love wearing them now and then, so far no one has commented directly to me when I do.

@olivetreeann Thank you so much, crazy is as crazy does, no rules, no limits. :):)

@shutterbug49 Thank you so much. A small LED flashlight and lots of sequins.

August 22nd, 2019  
A wise person who buy books. But we are multidimensional, Love the look of it.
August 25th, 2019  
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