Herald the Day

Just a beautiful day in the shade, with just enough sunlight breaking through....I had to flee this spot not long after taking the shot though, because an evil looking spider snuck up on me and tried to kill me.
ha ha
beautiful image Little Miss Muffet
posted August 24th, 2015  
You are bigger than it...just saying. In high school american history class, junior year, a spider fell from the ceiling and landed on my arm right in the middle of class. I was wearing long sleeves luckily, but I still caused quite a scene, standing up, shaking my arm and shrieking.
posted August 24th, 2015  
@amandal have you heard about David and Goliath?. Small can be deadly
posted August 24th, 2015  
in our house, my wife gets rid of the spiders and I stand on a chair screaming hysterically at her to 'get it'.
posted August 24th, 2015  
Superb shot
posted August 24th, 2015  
@semjaja that's awesome!
posted August 24th, 2015  
Wonderful capture:)
posted August 25th, 2015  
Loving the light here! Cool shot. Keep on the lookout for those evil spiders!
posted September 24th, 2015  
merry Christmas, jeff, and all the best for the holidays and the coming year!
posted December 25th, 2015  
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