O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

Sorry you are only half decorated but the rest of the decorations are in a box on the top shelf in the garage AND as Nigel's car is parked right in front of it!! I don't think I'll risk trying to get them down.

It's pouring down with rain so Karmen is fast asleep on her cushion and hasn't paid the slightest bit of interest or even helped in putting up the tree. I am sure if Finny ( http://365project.org/judysteapot/365/2012-11-16) was still with us there would be no tree left standing at all :)) so I suppose I should be thankful :)

I have discovered that the advantage of living on a new housing estate is that it is has taken time for various sales people to discover us and, when do, it can become quite entertaining. During the summer we had the war of the ice cream vans - one evening two turned up and they started to have 'words' whilst endeavouring to block each other in - during which a que of bewildered children stood watching. Two weeks ago the window cleaner came and yesterday the Betterware lady stuck a catalogue through the letterbox.

I'm working in Nigel's office has mine appears to be full of stuff that Karl obviously didn't need or couldn't get in his suitcase for China - don't have the motivation to tidy it up - a cuppa is more appealing.
I wonder where you inherit your love of putting Christmas decorations up early from?!! It 'aint me!
posted November 26th, 2012  
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