Can you see me?  by julianneovie

Can you see me?

Pareidolia is when your mind responds to a stimulus and you see image in an object that none exists, such as moon rabbit, or cloud formation that make it look like sheep. It's not a sign of madness (well... I hope) but a proof of well-wired brain, it's fun and not scary. I would say we just have better imagination than others, as a result anything can look interesting.

So, what do you see in this picture? I see a girl with a bob haircut, both or her arms are resting on her big purple wings and she has cute yellow skirt with lots of red little dotty like pattern. She looks relax just like me haha.
That white part certainly looks like a face :)
October 7th, 2017  
Nothing wrong with using our imagination. Great capture of the wonderful colours and patterns in this flower.
October 7th, 2017  
A lovely capture
October 7th, 2017  
Gorgeous orchid macro! The patterns and structures of the flower are so well-defined. :)
I see it as an alien from the film Alien (the white part is its head, it's waist is just under the yellow part), wearing a really elaborate outfit with giant shoulder pads, and standing with its hands on its hips.
October 7th, 2017  
I see two things... a massive bird with wings pointing down towards the middle. In the middle, I see a female fairy holdig a pink polka dot yellow heart shape.

It seems that the bird is her companion / protector.
October 8th, 2017  
@888rachel @littleconnie @carolmw thanks @paracosmia @positive_energy wow, yes I see what you see now, cool :)
October 10th, 2017  
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