Hairless Rat

Something new at the Humane Society today. They had three rats and one of them was furless. Sadly, their owner has passed away and they need a new home.
Oh . . wow!! Have never seen one before. He's cute!! And I hope that he finds a wonderful home . . you get some amazing animals there.
posted March 19th, 2012  
Oh, he's lovely! Rats make great pets. They're much smarter than you'd think. When I first met my man, I went to dinner at his parent's place, and his mother had a rat living on her dining room table in a little house. When we ate dinner, the rat came out, sat by her plate, and ate peas right off of it! At least then I knew I'd never be the odd one in the family!

I hope this guy finds a home. :)
posted March 19th, 2012  
@mnara Rats on the dinner table, that might freak me out a little. :)
posted March 19th, 2012  
Someone get him a coat!
posted March 28th, 2012  
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