The rotating tree - please view it large by justaspark

The rotating tree - please view it large

No B&W today, sorry :P I just read about the new Technique Challenge of ICM and clicked on the link that was given... and after that I HAD to try it.
This is my first attempt, before I didn't even know something like that existed, so please have that in mind while watching it!
Feedback is much appreicated.

Edited in Lightroom 5 (but not the blur, just colours/contrast/exposure...)

... I think I can use this for theme-speed as well, can't I?


Top 5 for theme-speed! *-*
Aaaand I won the Technique challenge with that, woohoo! :)
wunderschön, schaut aus wie gemalt! fav
November 22nd, 2013  
@kandis Danke Kandis!! :)
November 22nd, 2013  
November 22nd, 2013  
Willkomen aus 365! OK, that's the extent of my German unless I'm ordering schnitzel! LOL! I read your profile after seeing the comment above in German. We lived in Germany for 4 years in the 1990s (Aschaffenburg and Wuerzburg). Had the time of our life travelling there. Would love to go back again some day.
November 22nd, 2013  
Wonderfully done. Great colors and contrast, too. :)

So... After a few days with it, how do you like Lightroom?
November 22nd, 2013  
Great effect. Love it.
November 22nd, 2013  
@homeschoolmom Thanks!
Haha, that's cool! Yes me, Kandis and a few other German 365ers usually talk in German bc.. why shouldn't we use our native language? :P
That's cool. Never been to those two cities but I guess they're cool! I'll think of you if I ever come there!
November 22nd, 2013  
@pennyp Thanks :)
November 22nd, 2013  
@xtrmntr2k Thank you too :D
It's pretty cool and helps a lot to get the best out of my pics :)
But it's really complicated since I only used Picmonkey, Paint :-P, PhotoScape and stuff like that before.. I once used the test version of PS CC but I didn't really get it haha :D
November 22nd, 2013  
@justaspark Yeah, Adobe software isn't really known for being intuitive; although, compared to Photoshop or Premiere I think Lightroom is pretty much straight-forward. Plus, it helps that it is designed in such a way that the workflow in the development module starts at the top and ends at the bottom.

In any case, if you are finding yourself with nothing to do one of these days it might be a good idea to watch some tutorial videos. There are some great ones out there :)
November 22nd, 2013  
Da wird mir ja schon beim Hinsehen schwindelig! :D Aber sehr cool! :)
November 22nd, 2013  
@agentzuckerguss Jap, ich hatte auch Probleme beim Knipsen weil ich grundsätzlich 'nen schlechten Kreislauf habe...
Aber dankeee :)
November 23rd, 2013  
Wonderful shot
November 23rd, 2013  
Love this
November 23rd, 2013  
wow - ♥♥♥ love this - makes me want to go out and find a tree and try it.
Hi - I'm your get pushed partner for this week. My challenge is a photo that tell us something about you - could be a selfie - doesn't have to be your face. Hope that's okay.
November 23rd, 2013  
@jocasta thanks! :)
hi, cool challenge, I'll make up my mind!
Your challege will follow tomorrow. I'm tired and need sleep now.
November 23rd, 2013  
Heh. I inadvertantly took some very similar shots for the same challenge :)
November 26th, 2013  
Very nice.
November 29th, 2013  
Great shot. You've got my vote :)
December 4th, 2013  
@stimuloog Thanks a lot :)
December 4th, 2013  
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