Studio lighting #135

I've bought some studio lighting mainly for these yearbooks that I keep harping on about. It's an entire mini studio where you get two soft lights and a stand with three backdrops. Normally I photograph the mugshots of the kids outside in the natural light but due to the bad weather that we've been having I can't risk having to do it indoors with a flash. The studio kit arrived last Thursday and I've only just now got round to taking them out and trying them. However (darn it) one of the bulbs is rattling and doesn't work – hence the reason why one side of my sons face is slightly in shadow. Levi didn't really want to pose for me so I said that he could use the iphone to occupy his time! Look at the concentration on his face. I hope I can get a replacement bulb sent to me in time for next week. Yikes
great shot - love his concentration! nice light too - sounds like you'll have a great set up!
posted May 14th, 2012  
Love the light and his expression! Where did you get the kit from?
posted May 14th, 2012  
@aleksandra I got then from eBay. I was going to buy the lights only from amazon for £120 but eBay had the lights, the stand and three backdrops for £160. Something like this. Time will tell if it's any good though.
posted May 14th, 2012  
Can those lashes be any longer! Adorable! Great shot! I'm going to look into that lighting kit.
posted May 14th, 2012  
That light is amazing!! Cute kid too!!
posted May 15th, 2012  
Cute !!!!
posted May 16th, 2012  
Great portrait. You really captured the look of concentration.
posted May 18th, 2012  
I love all your photos ...
Following :)
posted August 14th, 2012  
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