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well lets see, my back ground in photography goes way back to when i was about 15 and my father (who was a well known artist) and a photographer named C. Lewis Baltz taught me photography. they started me out on a Ziess Contax III made in 1935. years later i got a manolta slr and quickly moved up to Nikon F and F2. you would think the rest is history but no. i took a time out from photography for a few years and then waited for the digital technologies to peak and prices to drop to get a decent nikon dslr. well now i have one and i love it!!!!! you cant beat the education i got on film when you apply it to digital.

other than that i live in big bear lake california and love mountain and desert photography. if you want to know something please ask me

this is a link to how many of my captures made it to the "popular" list here

i dont know how many of you are on gurushots but heres my profile https://gurushots.com/Karwelis/photos follow if your so inclined

and facebook https://www.facebook.com/jlkarvelis
and https://www.facebook.com/Karvelisphotography/