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WOW! About to start Year 10 of the 365 Project....Now that I am retired, you would think I would have so much more free time for photography, but I am busier than ever enjoying my life. COVID was barely a blip in my life as I enjoyed the solitude and it got me out every day with my dog. It seems my interest in photography was killed by that stint as President of the local Photography Club and I did not renew my membership this year. I really lost interest this year. There are so many opportunities here, whether on the beach or hiking in the woods, but I stopped taking my camera. :(. Currently I have numerous cameras, but use the Canon SX60iS the most. I can't be bothered with carrying lenses for my Canon T6i. I find the SX60iS more versatile as it is lighter, and has a better zoom capability. I also have a small Nikon and of course my iPhone that I have yet to master picture taking. I love photography but lack the discipline to do enough to improve, so I have decided to give this yet another try. My favourite topics are wildlife, landscape and my pets. Gus loves to get out in the bush and run the trails. I also have two cats, Devon, and Benjy. Wish me luck this year....I barely posted last year.