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About to start Year 8 of the 365 Project....I am going to try to take pictures more frequently in 2018. I have now retired, but as I should have expected, I have some health issues. Surgery in December 2018 should ensure a healthy and hopefully productive 2019. I continue to be envious of my 365 Project friends who have improved their techniques and creativity. I am in a small community and there is not the same opportunity for workshops as in my previous home, but I am now President of the local Photography Club, so I need to set the example. :) I became more involved this year with photoshoots, and workshops, and while still sporadic, my interest has been piqued. There are so many opportunities here, living at the beach. Shorebirds change weekly with migration, and I was able to go out a few times this year whale watching, and once to shoot grizzly bears and once to shoot black bears. Currently I have four point and shoots, a Canon SX 20 IS, a Canon SX 30 IS (neither of which I use at all) , a Canon SX 50 IS and a Canon SX60 IS. In addition to my Canon T1i, I now also have a T6i. I still use the SX 50 the most because it is the lightest and most versatile, but I would like to use the new SLR more. I still have not taken it out for a shoot. I also have a small Nikon and of course my iPhone that I have yet to master picture taking. I love photography but lack the discipline to do enough to improve, so I have decided to give this yet another try. My favorite topics are wildlife, landscape and my pets. Sadly, I had to euthanize Libby in May 2018, but now have a new rescue dog, Gus. I also adopted a rescue kitten, Devon, as a companion for Benjy, my other young cat.