no chance, mommy

For those of you with small children, you understand my plight with my photo for today....

A little background leading up to this shot. She grabs the scooper from the dog food storage, fills it with water from the dog's water bowl and pours int into his food dish until his food dish is full. Then she tries to dump the bowl of water she just filled. I hustle over and grab the bowl from her hands as she stomps her foot in the dog's water dish splashing MORE water all over the floor. (Keep in mind she has just filled the food dish with water all by herself) I get her out of the water bowl and grab a towel to clean up the spilled water. I turn around again and she is at the kitchen sink.

I'de like to say Im going to come out victorious in this toddler battle, but it isnt looking good-- for me.
Oh I can so sympathise! We have a cat rather than a dog, but the story sounds very very familiar :)
posted May 5th, 2012  
posted May 5th, 2012  
posted May 5th, 2012  
How cute!
posted May 5th, 2012  
You have to admire her determination and perseverance... she'll go far! Lovely photo by the way!
posted May 5th, 2012  
So adorable!
posted May 5th, 2012  
lol you have one strong-willed toddler on your hands. I love her feet in this shot.
posted May 5th, 2012  
love her little tippy toes
posted May 5th, 2012  
Great shot~ I've totally had those days, heck I'm constantly having those days!
posted May 6th, 2012  
She sounds like such a smart little girl! One day that will serve her well, mommy! {I tell myself this every day about my precious 7 year old daughter}
posted May 6th, 2012  
So familiar! Mine played in the sink a least 4 times today.
posted May 6th, 2012  
@housetohome Good luck!!
@dolittlemd :)
@snipsnap thank you.
@groovygirlrn thank you
@jackie8 I hope so. She is definitely determined!
@beckys thanks Becky.
@kidatheart LOL.
@jennalou me too. :)
@sanera so you get it! :) I took this though, frustrated for all of the water, but smiling at the same time because it really is pretty funny and I have to admire who she is becoming. And my parents constantly remind me, what goes around comes around....
@karvimages :) you are so right!!
@leigh7900 ha! funny. :) I love your pictures everyday.
posted May 8th, 2012  
LOL! That sounds like life with a toddler. I love this; it will be precious to her when she's 20 (and beyond.)
posted May 11th, 2012  
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