Man sleeping on the train (don't judge a book by his cover)

We boarded the train and the first thing I noticed was the row of empty seats across the doors so I began to walk over and then all of a sudden I realized this man sleeping on the train. So I felt fear and I hesitated so I sat on the other side. At first there were other passengers on the train along with us and no one even looked at him. People just came on and off the train and went about their lives without any thought to this guy sleeping on the train. I sat and watched him the whole ride wondering who he was? What events led up too him in this situation? When was the last time he ate? What does he do when he is sick? Is he dangerous? As we neared my stop the train emptied out and it was my turn to get off. I walked toward the doors and got a closer look at him and then I realized that he looked young and clean, wearing nice clothes, expensive shoes and the backpack was even extremely nice. Then I wondered if he was just someone who had a few drinks and fell asleep. Why had I jumped too conclusions about the guy? I left the train with so many questions when I finally realized that none of them mattered. The only thing that mattered was if he was ok and I did nothing to make sure that he was.
hope he didnt miss his stop!
posted October 29th, 2017  
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