Frozen World

Cameron has been creating frozen balloon balls. Yeah, I just had to take advantage :)

I'm mucking around with my watermark, downloading fonts and creating it as a brush in PS. I'll keep trying.
Wow what a fantastic idea..Ive never seen anything like this before!!
posted February 8th, 2014  
I tried making these last winter but they were pathetic, this is great!
I love the golden glow and the light on Cameron's? hands.
posted February 8th, 2014  
@kevinmckay @dulciknit Thank you both! Yes those are Cam's hands...the ice was very very cold so I didn't have much of a chance at getting the shot right.
posted February 9th, 2014  
lol.... such fun.. great capture
posted February 9th, 2014  
That looks interesting, never heard or seen of frozen balloon balls before. Great shot.
posted February 9th, 2014  
Superb image-love the lighting !!
posted February 9th, 2014  
Super beautiful and great lighting!

I like the signature. What does it do for you to create it as a brush in PS? (When I watermark, I just copy-paste from the original gif file.)
posted February 10th, 2014  

Katie, I used to copy and paste from a .psd layer that I had created on another photo...that just gives you the style of the text, I still had to type in my watermark as a Text layer in PSE. But I knew there was an easier way so I watched this vid to see how to create a watermark I can just put my watermark on my photos with one click and then can adjust size, colour and opacity to suit. Much easier!
posted February 10th, 2014  
looks like a precious, polished gemm, like a ball of crystal ! Well done !
posted February 10th, 2014  
Just awesome! But is it really?? And if so, how!?? Very cool image whatever it is.
posted February 10th, 2014  
@kazlamont Will look into it, thanks for the link!
posted February 10th, 2014  
posted February 10th, 2014  
Beautiful frozen ball! How does she make them?
(Try a smaller watermark....maybe this one's too obtrusive...)
posted February 14th, 2014  
Clever and it turned out fab..super light!
posted February 17th, 2014  
cracking shot very well done
posted March 11th, 2014  
posted March 18th, 2014  
Hi, Kazzy! Hope everything's good with you. Missing you , your great photos and you fab. humour.
posted March 22nd, 2014  
@dulciknit Hi Alison, thanks for thinking of me. I'm good just biding my time til my houseguests about a month. Not much time to comment, have been checking in and viewing. Not much time to take shots and upload so I am spending time learning my new camera...6D.... And learning a Lightroom 5 and cleaning out my pics on my computer so I can archive. I also completed a 4 week Art of Photography course along with a bunch of 365ers so that took up a heap of time. Well worth it though! I'm just treating this time as a transitional period. How are you going? Hope all it good for you and yours :)
posted March 22nd, 2014  
Oh, lovely to hear from you, so glad all's well! A 6D? Oooh, deep envy, would love a full frame but far too heavy for my ropey old neck and back :-( Hope you're enjoying it, looking forward to seeing what you're doing these days, sounds like you're doing great things.
I'm pretty good thank you - still photo-obsessed, lol, but slowing down and not posting as often. It's my 4th year here so I'm just sort of going with the flow now.
Really looking forward to seeing more of your work just as soon as you feel ready to post again. All the best, dear. Hugs xx
posted March 22nd, 2014  
Hi Kazzy! Thanks for your fav's today. I've been wondering how you were doing and glad to see from above that you are still focusing on photography -- I've missed your shots! I've been posting still and commenting, but not as frantically as in year one. I try to use 365 so that I do something photographic each day, but it can be photographing or processing or viewing, and I'm pretty lax about when I use a photo I've taken. Makes it so much easier and more fun. All the best to you. Taffy
posted August 19th, 2014  
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