Frostbite Cocktail

After collecting a couple of boxes that contained dry ice pellets, no matter how difficult and trying this day (week) has been, I had to use it somehow. A two light set up. Speedlight hitting the black backdrop and the key light (with umbrella) off to the right side. If I had more energy I probably would have tried a few more set ups. This was a quick attempt.

Guys...I will need to catch up with your projects another time but hopefully soon. The reason for the dry ice was to keep some new eye drops I collected frozen. My eyes have small injuries on the cornea that just won't heal properly due to a very annoying dry eye condition. This all started more than a year ago.

Sometimes I am not as present here as I want to be due to my sore and tired eyes. My battle continues with these new drops. They are made from my blood so fingers crossed, they work!
A fantastic image. Really very cool. Sorry to hear you are having eye problems. My fingers are crossed for you too 😊
posted March 7th, 2017  
A great and interesting table top set up
posted March 7th, 2017  
Great image, I hope the new drops work for you :)
posted March 7th, 2017  
Wow! Nice effect.
posted March 7th, 2017  
First - this is an amazing photo! Love the swirling "smoke." And the magenta glass against the blue background is really striking. And secondly, I'm so sorry to hear about your eyes. My thoughts are with you - hoping you recover quickly.
posted March 7th, 2017  
very innovative and love those colours and swirls..

so sorry to hear of your trouble with dry eyes.. not a nice condition, at all.. hoping the new drops do the trick for you.. everything crossed...
posted March 7th, 2017  
How creative. Wonderful image.
posted March 8th, 2017  
How cool ;-)
posted March 9th, 2017  
Great photo - hope things improve for you!
posted March 11th, 2017  
Fabulous shot!
posted March 12th, 2017  
Oh dear, I just am catching up and read about your eyes. I hope that you are on the mend -- what a scary thing to be going through. Sending good thoughts your way! This is an absolutely stunning image -- instant fav.
posted March 31st, 2017  
1. Wonderful photo; very creative, and well caught. 2. Best of luck with the eyes (had lasik a year ago, so have some idea what you might be dealing with).
posted May 7th, 2017  
Great photo, hope the eyes are continuing to mend.
posted May 9th, 2017  
Mega cool and fab, love it! Fav.
Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your eyes - so scary!
I see this is from 2 months ago. I hope things have improved since you wrote your caption and you've just been busy. Sending you a virtual hug. xx
posted May 11th, 2017  
Here we are in October and still no Kazzy. I do miss you and your work and often wonder how you are.
posted October 21st, 2017  
Fantastic. ♥
posted December 16th, 2017  
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