So I've photographed this dead spider three times this month, intending each time to post the photo here, yet ending up sharing a different one.
This is the spider that lived outside my window for most of last year. I'm not fond of spiders, but after this little buddy appeared, all the false widows disappeared, so I didn't mind it being there! Unfortunately it crawled to the top of the window a while ago and went to meet its maker, but fell down this month, hence the photos. It's starting to decay now, so you can't see how rounded its body was anymore, but it was fairly big for a spider of its type! Until taking this photo (and the others) I never realised how hairy they are!
Awesome detail and I love the soft light and shadows here. I rather like spiders and tend to just let them be. Although on the one hand this is kind of a gross view, it has a dignity or elegance about it too, and your photo made me feel sad for this spider.
posted March 30th, 2017  
@marcy0414 Thank you! I'm sad for the spider too, I was so used to it living there!
posted March 30th, 2017  
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