Today's colour is yellow! Happened to spot this recessed door by pure chance. The only issue was making up for the shadows where the door is. It's a dark and cloudy day, so overexposing the image a little helped make up for that!
Like that not only the door but even the tiles, and the frame around the house number are yellow too. Even the highlighter on the sign on the door and the stains on the wall are! Also, the sheep is adorable :D
posted May 17th, 2017  
@paracosmia Yeah, there turned out to be a lot more yellow than I first realised (originally I only noticed the door and the frame on the number lol). It's quite an unusual building, split into two (I think) flats. The downstairs one has no windows facing onto the street, just this door in the middle of the wall!
posted May 17th, 2017  
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