Forgotten Dishes

Experimenting today!
Was looking at a list of photography ideas, and one of them was to project images onto things.
So last night saw me MacGuyvering a smart phone projector with a shoe box (thanks to this tutorial on Photojojo!) and today found me messing around with it.
Decided to take things one step further by adding my vortograph mirrors (what is it even called? Does it count as a kaleidoscope if it's just the mirrors???) which gave a pattern of reflected teacups around the main teacup!
This is projected onto the tiled wall behind the sink in the garage. Opted for the garage because it's the only place in the house that gets dark enough for projection!
how great , love your creativity
posted August 10th, 2017  
@kali66 Thank you!
posted August 11th, 2017  
How cool -- thanks for the link to the tutorial. Love the creativity and thinking outside the box
posted August 12th, 2017  
@marcy0414 Thanks Marcy! I was amazed how easily a projector can be made, considering the price of readymade ones and fancy kits I'd seen in trendy stores around here. The focusing part isn't amazing, but it's good enough for things like this!
posted August 13th, 2017  
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