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♥ Little Girl at Heart ♥ Lover of All Things Cute ♥ Ball Jointed Dollie Obsessed ♥
♥ Lolita ♥ Steampunk Fancier ♥ Arts & Crafter ♥ Genki ♥


The theme of my 365 Project is "Dollie A Day" - I plan on taking a picture of one of my ball jointed dolls each day. (:

My Ball Jointed Doll collection includes:
Eva (Bobobie "Rachel" on ResinSoul body)
Juliet (Delf "Soo")

Olivia (Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy "Olive" girl)
Emilie (Doll-Love "Nichi")
Cosette (Hujoo Action Doll "Cora")
Gidgit (Hujoo Action Doll "Dana" small bust)
Jezebel (Hujoo Action Doll "Dana" large bust)
Minette (Luts Kid Delf "Aru" girl)
Lacey (Luts Kid Delf "Cherry" girl)
Finn (Luts Kid Delf "Hodoo" boy)
Elle (Luts Kid Delf "Litchi" girl)
unnamed (Luts Kid Delf "Pine" girl)
Taryn (Luts Kid Delf "Nara" girl)
Kylie (Luts Kid Delf "Woori" girl)
Hanako (Volks Mini Dollfie Dream Option Head HDD-04)

Muffins (Doll Leaves "Lili")
Madeline (Garden of Dolls "PpoPpo")
Rory (Island Doll "Cassandra")
Zooey (Lati Yellow "Lami" Basic Renewal version)

Kaelyn (Hujoo "Berry - Cutie Pink ver. 2")
unnamed (Hujoo "Berry")
Aya (Volks Dolfie Plus head on 27cm Obitsu body)
Michi (Apple Head A on Obitsu 25cm body)

Project Head (ResinSoul "Xue")
unnamed (Luts Kid Delf "Pine" Elf)
unnamed (Luts 2011 Winter Event head)