On Returning Sean to Vermont by kevin365

On Returning Sean to Vermont

Time was notches
On a walking stick
To remind the traveler.
Moments worthy,
Glorified and vilified.
Neither one denied

Love was metered
But not in measure;
In the awe of the abundance.
Moments mattered.
Heart fill and break,
And neither one forsake

Rest was elusive,
Quiteness could be trouble
To an anxious spirit.
Calmness was a goal
Not pursued.
The demons would intrude

To know the traveler
Is to know a trip worth taking.
Thru mountain pass
And darkest alleys
To join him on his quest.
To time, to love, to rest
To rest, to rest, to rest
April 21st, 2019  
@lifepause original last line :) Thanks, Jae :)
April 21st, 2019  
April 22nd, 2019  
@joemuli thank you, Sir
April 25th, 2019  
To know the traveller... very moving...
April 26th, 2019  
@amrita21 spread his ashes where he buried his pup, years ago. Thank you for your contribution, Dear Lady
April 27th, 2019  
I am moved to tears. So very sorry for your loss...
May 23rd, 2019  
@shesnapped I was too. Thank you for your contribution 💓
May 24th, 2019  
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