The Myths by kevin365

The Myths

Do not forsake
The wisdom of the moment
Keep hold of the present

Memories remain
To reshape our understanding
Of the the next step in time
We walk along the same path
The trail reminds

We go, as if we are breaking ground
But we do not break the crust
In passages and myths and memories
We trust

The only connection
That is true
Between the wrestling
Of the yesterday and the present
Lies inside of me and you

We cannot shy away from
This admission
Embrace the present
With forgiveness

Sit tall in the saddle
Accept where we're from
And, when the moment's right,
The myths will come
Every 26 months!
This is fabulous pic and perfect accompanying words!
Appreciated beyond saying!
January 19th, 2020  
Superb on black! Love the last stanza. Fav!
January 19th, 2020  
Beautiful landscape!
January 19th, 2020  
Looks like either Arizona or Utah to me. Beautiful!
January 19th, 2020  
Great landscape and - as always - thought provoking words... so glad you're back Kevin.
January 19th, 2020  
@lifepause Thank You, LOML 💓
Always a picture to capture with you :)
January 19th, 2020  
@joysabin Thank you! I wrote around the last stanza, probably could shred the rest:) I appreciate this!
January 19th, 2020  
@jackies365 Thank you, Jackie! You are so supportive 💓
January 19th, 2020  
@stray_shooter Thanks, Ron! South Kaibab trail on the way up from Phantom Ranch, by mule. Unbelievably gorgeous! Simon, our wrangler, is the most interesting, kind and gentle of a man. Sending him this picture, as he names the ranges :)
January 19th, 2020  
@vignouse You are too kind, Sir 💓 I appreciate your support greatly
January 19th, 2020  
Terrific western landscape!
January 20th, 2020  
@redy4et Grand Canyon beats all :)
Thank you 💓
January 22nd, 2020  
Beautiful in every way
March 10th, 2020  
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