Flowers and Fortitude by kevin365

Flowers and Fortitude

I do not know what time it is
That's never been my way
I often know the month I'm in
I seldom know the day

Try as I do, to struggle
I can't find the strength to be
Upset with my surroundings
When there is only me

Who can I blame
For the untidiness here?

Who do I berate, on my own?

Where can I turn
When the tide is still coming?

Why don't I feel alone?

The flowers I gave you
Will hopefully save you
A moment of stress, and imbue
The rest of your day
With some 'will of the way'
So that you can see this way too

When all this is past us
And we're all together
I doubt I'll remember too much
Of all of the troubles, and sadness
And loneliness
And such

I'll only be happy to see you
And talk to you, face to face
As we did, once, long ago, now.
We'll laugh as we share in the moments
When we made the best of it,

So take these here flowers
And please help them grow,
And plant them before too long.

See, I'm alone with this memory
Of the future and flowers and you
And I don't want to be wrong

I just don't want to be wrong
You won’t be wrong! Beautiful words to mark this crazy time.
April 11th, 2020  
Thank you, Kevin - both the flowers and the verse are beautiful and touching! Hope you're doing well.
April 11th, 2020  
April 11th, 2020  
@lifepause thanks for listening, Jae 💓
April 11th, 2020  
@juliedduncan Hi Julie! Thank you for your time! I hope that you and yours are well and miss this place 💓
April 11th, 2020  
@elisasaeter Thank you, Elisabeth and hello!
April 11th, 2020  
Most lovely! Hope you are safe and well.
April 11th, 2020  
Classic Kevin - thank for the lovely flower-spike and your thought provoking words.
April 12th, 2020  
Poetic beauty
April 13th, 2020  
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