Day 328 Agapanthus

The Agapanthus is considered an environmental weed here in NZ. It can be found along nearly every country round, mainly of a purple colour but can also be found as white.
Lovely photo.
posted November 27th, 2017  
I have a few and adore them, you seem to have so many plants growing wild there that we happily pay huge prices for
posted November 27th, 2017  
I think "weeds" are some of the most beautiful plants we have... hard to imagine this could be classified as a weed. love the shine on the petals.
posted November 28th, 2017  
I have just been browsing your album. Great photos. I especially love this one. A weed is just a flower growing in the wrong place :) However this and wild ginger are causing lots of issues in NZ. Over here in Canada were I am living now you find both in most gardens. I guess the extreme cold keeps them contained. Looking forward to following a fellow Kiwi and seeing glimpses of home.
posted January 3rd, 2018  
@k1w1 Thanks for popping in for a look and thanks for the kind comments.
I have a nephew living in Canada, been there for a good number of years.
I hope I can provide glimpses of the old home country now and again.
posted January 4th, 2018  
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