new friends

We now have pet chickens. Two to be exact. They are the sweetest most noisiest little critters I have ever met!
Awwwwww! Lickle fwuffy wuffy chickens :)
posted May 17th, 2012  
same as above!
posted May 17th, 2012  
Same again! :P This is such a cute picture, so lovely! ♥
posted May 17th, 2012  
how cute!!
posted May 17th, 2012  
FAV :)
posted May 18th, 2012  
I have decided to quit posting was kind of a long time coming. I haven't been posting regularly for months anyway. I will still stop in and check in. But as far as photos go, I feel like it is time to move on. I have learned a lot and pushed myself in disciplines I have never tried. Its time to focus on fine tuning and improving. I feel there are other places that facilitate this in a better fashion. I decided to post this here, rather than do a big sappy write up! (Yes I am putting this on everyone's photos that I feel are my friends here so just know you are special to me but copy and paste is easier for this kind of thing:) )
posted May 18th, 2012  
Sweet! I had chicken as pets too! Then my mom cooked them ...
posted May 24th, 2012  
Great one!
posted August 14th, 2012  
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