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My name is Kristin and i'm 26 years old. I'm currently not in college because I don't feel like that is the right path for me. I love photography though and that's why I have this account.

My life has been more difficult than it ever should have been. From cancer to depression to death, I know that this world can hurt. And I wish that no person goes through what I have gone through in my 26 years of living. I'm sometimes insecure and don't have much confidence but I try to work through it. My wonderful husband, Sean, has been more helpful than he knows and I love him dearly for it. He is my will to go on and live.

I want to experience life. I want to travel the world and to take beautiful photos along the way. I want to have children and a husband and love them with all my heart. I want to live life to its fullest. Most of all, I want to be happy and I want to live life with no regrets.

A fellow 365er wrote this in her profile and I give full credit to her. Her words are helping me through my depression and the hurt that this world can dish out.
"... but just remember... life is much easier if you figure out who you want to be, be it, stay true to yourself, and stop worrying about the little things that won't matter later on. Take a time out to realize where you really are in life...and where you are headed. If it's not the direction you had intended, take a new path. Life is a journey full of roads and paths for us to choose. Some are bumpy and a little curvier than others... and some are meant for "smooth sailin". Enjoy the ride. Every second of it. Discover your passion. Follow your dreams."
-Lauren Dahlhauser