Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders Haus

This is one of the many governmental buildings surrounding the famous Reichstag in Berlin.

Last night I had to run for 75 minutes for my half marathon training, but as its so hot here at the moment I decided to wait until 9.30pm to go as it was a bit cooler by then.

On my run, I came across hoards of people sat on the riverbank watching footage from the fall of the wall in 1989 that was being projected onto the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders Haus.
First thing...75min run pounds exhausting, well done. What an amazing event you watched. When I was in Berlin on work experience the wall was still in place and the implications were horrific. I followed the history of the wall with interest and would have love to have been with you to watch.
posted July 22nd, 2014  
@pennystot Unfortunately I couldn't stop for very long as I guessed that standing around watching didn't count as training, although it did look very interesting.
posted July 22nd, 2014  
How amazing! It must have been wonderful to watch.
posted July 22nd, 2014  
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