2014 07 03 Proofreader Required by kwiksilver

2014 07 03 Proofreader Required

Part of the Winter Wonderland festivities includes a circus - acrobats, not animals, I am pleased to say! I was keen to go, but since seeing their posters I don't think I'll bother! If they can't even spell the name of the village correctly .... ! Plus, it took me quite a few days to work out that "SAN CIRCUS" actually stood for the South African National Circus. No thanks, not for me!

Just a quick shot through my windscreen as I was driving by!
Great to see circuses are still alive and kicking - hopefully not the animals as you say! Spelling atrocities are world wide!
July 3rd, 2014  
That would have annoyed me aswell. My boys call me "grammar police"!
July 3rd, 2014  
is that the village in the background? Lovely area! I know how you feel about bad spelling and I feel it is only going to get worse in this age of texting.
July 3rd, 2014  
Made even more unacceptable by putting the poster underneath the official town sign.....very ignorant ! Not locals then!
July 3rd, 2014  
Well spotted, getting this right underneath the town's name!
July 4th, 2014  
Oh dear, I bet someone is in trouble. I saw a sign on the side of a car and it said "Electrical Contractor's". I bet the signwriter got the sack.
July 4th, 2014  
It is amazing how often town names get incorrectly spelt. I have seen Tulbagh spelt with a c instead of a g in magazines and newspapers!
July 5th, 2014  
Oh Dear! Oh Dear! You would think They would not make a mistake like that
Never heard of SAN Circus. I can imagine what it will be like.
What happened to Boswell Circus? They were good
July 7th, 2014  
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