244Oz Listening

Ozzy is listening to the neighbor's Beagles baying in the distance. Usually these Beagles break loose from their electric fence, (taking the shock), to go charging after rabbits.

Ozzy isn't allowed to chase any animal, so the rabbits hide in our backyard. When we go outside, the rabbits don't even move out of the way anymore, so trusting they are of Ozzy not chasing them. Good thing he isn't a Beagle.

Leica M8.2
35mm Summicron 2.0 ASPH Lens
I love Ozzy and his antics!
posted June 26th, 2010  
Always up to something. Such a great subject.
posted June 26th, 2010  
Awe, Ozzy is such a nice gentle creature :)
posted June 26th, 2010  
Judith, thanks so much!
Cody: Yes, he's always sneaking about. LOL!
Debbie: Thanks!
posted June 26th, 2010  
:-) sooooo cute
posted June 26th, 2010  
Thanks, Christina!
posted June 27th, 2010  
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