Ozzy in Morning Sun

It's still chilly in the morning here in Gilbert, Arizona. Ozzy does NOT like to go outside until it's a bit warmer. He hates the cold and the heat. Funny guy. Anyway, I've done three projects on this site but being that my stuff was erased, I guess I'll start again. I've been continuing my projects on Flickr. I have been photographing Ozzy on a daily basis for over 6 years. I would prefer to keep this about other shots, but in a pinch, the Ozzy pic of the day will have to suffice. Don't know how long I'll keep at this as I am busy with other projects and my daily Ozzy shot, but I want so much to do other pictures and this kind of forces me to do that, even if I am kind of busy. This is not my official Flickr shot of the day, but an extra that I liked and figured it could go on this website.

Fuji X-T10
35mm F/2 WR Lens
Ozzy's got that look on his face - whats going on, mate?
posted February 8th, 2016  
@maggiemae Yeah, he makes the greatest faces. That's the Bully breed for ya.
posted February 8th, 2016  
I'm glad to meet Ozzie - love bulldogs and their expression. Nice to meet you, too Lainey - hope to see more of your shots.
posted February 9th, 2016  
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