Silhouette cutout by lanikyea

Silhouette cutout

"Take a deep seat and buckle your knees-The hlgher he bucks the sweeter the breeze." This piece of art was made by a preteen ranch kid draws them on wood and then saws out all kinds of ranch doings, critters and objects.
A very talented ranch kid! This is interesting against the slatted blinds.
February 19th, 2019  
@365karly1 Thanks
February 20th, 2019  
Great idea and capture!
February 20th, 2019  
I am your get-pushed partner this week. Take a picture that creative says something about the current weather in your area. If snowing a single flake, if spring is starting a flower pushing through the earth. Just try to be a little creative - artistic.
February 24th, 2019  
@joansmor Joan-- Thanks for the challenge and with the ups and downs this challenge from you is going to be a dozzy. To you partner I challenge you to make a photo in the dark using only the light from a flashlight. It is my favorite challenge and partners in 2018 did some beautiful work and I am looking forward to what you do. I enjoyed looking at your albums. Delightful photos.
February 25th, 2019  
@lanikyea Oh have you seen my kitchen utensils the beginning of the month all shot in dark with light from a flashlight. I will have to look around to see what might make a good subject this time.
February 25th, 2019  
@joansmor Yes Joan I did see your kitchen collage but did not realize some of these elements were done with "Flashlight" if you would rather not do this as your challenge do whatever you would like to try.
February 25th, 2019  
@lanikyea I think you might find it hard to find one I haven't done. No I was just commenting that this is common for me and I would have to search for something special.
February 25th, 2019  
Hi @lanikyea, we are get-pushed partners for this week. I gone through your photos and I challange you to take some makro shot.
March 4th, 2019  
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